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  • 24 999,00 zł

    Between its big brother and its little brother, the Packster 60 is right in the middle of the E-Cargo bike family. It's little wonder that it is also the perfect family type: There is space in its cargo area for two children, who can enjoy the ride while protected from wind and rain with an optional cover.

    24 999,00 zł
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  • 23 999,00 zł

    Multicharger. Codzienna przygoda.Jednodniowa wycieczka w góry czy kilkudniowy camping nad jeziorem? Bez względu na to, jaka przygoda Cię czeka, Multicharger zabierze ze sobą wszystkich i wszystko.

    23 999,00 zł
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  • 10 599,00 zł

    The Birdy. Supremely functional.The Birdy: a Swiss pocket knife that you can mount and ride away on. Tucked away, it might not fit in every trouser pocket perhaps, but it certainly will fit in any car boot and any form of public transport. And when it's needed, it simply opens out.

    10 599,00 zł
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