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GIGAS 12T BLACK (Cr-Mo steel) View larger

GIGAS 12T BLACK (Cr-Mo steel)



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Chain size : 1/2"x1/8"
Sprocket size : 12
Tread : BC1.37x24T
Material : Cr-Mo steel (12T)
Color : Black (12T)

*GIGAS is super hard and light alloy material. It is called GIGAS because the tensile strength is greater than 1 Giga Pascal. The specific strength is more than twice as high as that of heat-treated chromoly steel.

Pro-racing track cog, made of Cr-Mo steel in black finish

*Please use this cog with specific lockring "GIGAS lockring for12T". As the cog is small, if used with a regular lockring, the chain will touch the lockring.